Application for a visa to the UK.

Application for a visa to the UK.
Before applying for a visa to the UK, you should fill out a questionnaire, and you need to do this only in English.
There are no categories of applicants who are exempt from filling out the questionnaire.
Whatever the age of the applicant, and whatever the purpose of the trip (trip by invitation, on business, tourism) – the application must be filled out necessarily.
The basic rules for completing the application in 2014-2015gg.
The application form is filled in real time on the website of the British Consulate.
To do this, you must first register on the portal (during this event you will have to “agree” with some of the Consulate’s regulations, ticking the boxes that you want), and only then proceed to the main process.
To fill in the questionnaire manually is forbidden, therefore if you are offered to download the application form somewhere, then you can do it solely for the purposes of acquaintance.
The Consulate accepts applications filled in English only. The questionnaire is filled in separately even for minors and children of the first days (weeks, months) of life. For the child, the questionnaire is completed and signed by the parents. After completing the questionnaire, it should be saved, printed and signed.
This happens in the following way: before saving, you will be prompted to check all the entries again. Do not neglect this opportunity, because each of us can be mistaken (and sometimes the program does not save some graphs).
After you save the questionnaire, you will have to choose the time for submission of documents to one of the Visa Centers. Then you should pay the visa fee (only by credit card).
Upon completion of these actions, you will be asked to print out a questionnaire, as well as an invitation to submit documents, which you actually need to do.
In the application, only real data should be indicated. The British consulate is very wary of tourists from Russia (the purpose of the trip here does not matter), calls from the Consulate on the numbers indicated in the application – this is the usual thing. All information provided by the applicant is checked! If you fill out the visa application form for the UK for the first time, do not take risks and choose a half-year validity period (a visa for a shorter period is not offered). Asking for the first visa to England for up to 2 years, you can run into a refusal. Particular attention should be paid to the signature of the application. It must fully correspond to its signature in the foreign passport. If this condition is not met, the refusal to enter is guaranteed! Print out the application only on a laser printer, otherwise it may not be taken into consideration due to poorly read barcodes.
The application for a visa to England is filled in somewhat differently from the questionnaire for a Schengen visa.
How to fill out and print the questionnaire correctly, you will learn in a special section of the site. Also you can see an example of filling out an application, which can be downloaded by pdf file or download word document, and after printing. Thus, you will receive a convenient cheat sheet for filling out a visa application form for the UK.