Bulgaria is a paradise for pensioners.

Bulgaria is a paradise for pensioners.
Moderate climate with a long warm autumn and mild winter, hot summer and early spring, low real estate prices, which is very simple to acquire, and a simple process of obtaining a residence permit, and subsequently of the official citizenship of the country, and are the reason for the annual increase in the number migrants to Bulgaria, who come here from all over the world. At the same time, the government of the republic creates special conditions for elderly citizens who have received a legitimate pension in their states and now want to enjoy all the delights of quiet life in a picturesque area in the very heart of an old European woman, on the very “piece of Paradise” given to Bulgarians in times gone by .
Bulgaria enjoys great popularity among Russian pensioners, because often their small pension by the standards of other states for local realities and prices is quite sufficient for a normal life or a long stay here. To buy a house or an apartment in Bulgaria, many pensioners of Russia or Ukraine can now afford to own it, and, believe me, their residence in the country will be many times more comfortable than at home. And if, in addition, a person has the opportunity to rent out real estate in his hometown, or he has some financial savings in his bank account, which bring in monthly income, his long stay in Bulgaria will be super comfortable.
Having decided to settle in Bulgaria for a long time, a citizen of the retirement age will have to “cope” with several basic tasks – to get a visa and documents for residence permits, or for long-term (and maybe permanent) residence, to choose inexpensive residential real estate and correctly calculate their expenses for a life.
In order to enter Bulgaria for a relatively long period of time, a pensioner needs in his state to apply for an “D” visa, which has a long-term status. To obtain such a visa it will be necessary to prepare the following documents:
& # 8212; the application (it is written according to the established pattern, the form of which can be obtained at the consulate or embassy of the Republic of Belarus);
& # 8212; Passport (photocopy of the main spread);
& # 8212; certified by a notary and translated into Bulgarian language certificate confirming the existence of a pensioner;
& # 8212; certificate of ownership of a dwelling, or a contract for hiring a home (copy);
& # 8212; two photos (color) in the size 3,5�4,5;
& # 8212; medical insurance with a coverage of at least 30 thousand euros;
& # 8212; a certificate from a bank in Bulgaria that a person has sufficient financial means to reside in the country;
& # 8212; a certificate stating that the pensioner does not have a criminal record;
& # 8212; a copy of the address card.
As you can see, the Bulgarian authorities do not create any special difficulties for potential migrants, as a rule, all the necessary documents are processed very quickly and in a friendly atmosphere.
“Problem” with housing in the republic is also easy to solve if there is some financial amount. In Bulgaria, residential real estate is diverse, and its value is acceptable for all categories of citizens. You can easily buy an inexpensive house in the countryside for an “idyllic” quiet life or an ordinary apartment in a city high-rise building, or a comfortable apartment in the famous and popular mountain or seaside resort of the country, for example, in Sunny Beach or St. Vlas. Given that apartments in new residential complexes are often sold on an installment plan and according to individual schemes, it seems that it will be quite easy for you to choose the variant that suits you.
Having issued all the documents and becoming the owner of housing in Bulgaria, the pensioner will remain the smallest – competently calculate their living expenses by “spreading out” the available income for several key articles:
& # 8212; on monthly payments for utilities;
& # 8212; on the goods that we use every day and for food;
& # 8212; on registration of medical insurance and maintaining their health at the proper level;
& # 8212; on the extension of documents for legal stay in the country;
& # 8212; for all kinds of entertainment and good rest.
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