Comments 65.

Comments 65.
The main thing that I understood is the absence of hassle. And time seems to be spending less.
Basically it is. Plus a high level of medical care. But not everything is so smooth in the “Danish colony”. I had to deal with this later.
Smoothly on the paper.
These were the first bright impressions, but when I had to face more serious problems, I made a correction for myself: not all gold that glitters. Continuation will be, if interested.
It is interesting, of course! Especially – first-hand.
Why go to America, pay crazy money for medical care?
These same crazy money to pay to our doctors, and you will receive even better assistance than in Ammerica.
If in Russia a good doctor, then why should he not pay money for quality treatment.
I am personally here in Russia, get out of problems.
If you can solve your problems in Russia, then why go somewhere for seven versts of jelly bread?
And I’m on the same! Hard, with a squeak, but.
Oncological operations and further MRI examinations are free of charge for me.
By simple insurance, like everyone else, the policy. Every 3-6 months, a test for hormones. No thyroid, also oncology.
I spend crazy money by taxi to the regional clinic. And all the surveys are free for me.
it’s good that your policy covers most of the medical costs, but unfortunately you have to get to the clinic by taxi, and this consumes most of your budget. The most important thing is to maintain your health and go through inspections and all sorts of procedures on time. Hold on, you are strong! I’m with you.
Thank you, Sunny! I do not bother much. Simply, the conversation went.
In a conversation about medicine, there are always questions, or examples from the lives of loved ones, or their own. This is quite natural. After all, for this there is a discussion around the topic.
I try as little as possible to bother my relatives with my problems, and even less so for outsiders.
Tina wrote about Ptashechka. I must, she says, send her to Arizona for the autumn-winter-spring season. I do not know what we’ll do without Ptashechka? The information is good, efficient.
I will not go. The passport is finished, but I can not get a new one for me.
In addition, my son lives in Canada, persuading us to move to him.
But we can not. We will die here, on Russian soil, among our relatives and friends.
Ptashechka, you can temporarily rest. No decadent moods! Rest, rest and relax again. In the summer, you can sit at home.
There is still a comment below.
There you are! They did not ask permission from Ptashechka and send her forcibly! Not good!))))
Well, I just suggested and very gently, as if by hint.
What really there! Let’s go straight ahead, without hints. We are our people!
I have a slightly different opinion about their medicine. First very expensive. Secondly, they can not often diagnose. My daughter was tortured for six months with a tooth. This pleasure cost 2000 rubles. This is after the flu-antibiotics, cleaning, temporary filling. Again the flux and everything repeated. Then again, too. In the end, the tooth was removed for $ 350. We could not pay right away. What kind of insurance company did it. The daughter paid them 100 bucks for 4 months. Then she asked me a question: how much we still owe them. The answer was 3800. Is it fun? She paid no attention and got on the collector.
Maybe in a different state other orders?
This should ask those who live in other states.
Medicine in the US is not just expensive, but very expensive. You need to have good medical insurance to feel safe. About dental insurance. she is bought separately, or is included in the medical service. I use family insurance of a husband to whom Arizona grants such a right. It is necessary to choose a dentist before entrusting his teeth to him. On the Internet, there is detailed information about each doctor that he graduated, how many years he practices, and there are patient testimonials. This is public information. I allow myself to spend several hours searching for this information, and then I call and schedule an appointment with the doctor. There were never any punctures.
It is necessary to choose not only a good doctor, but also a husband who can help his wife, and not to thump and then sit on his wife’s neck. For information he is Russian and in America for 11 years. For the year that they did not live gave on his daughter 500 dollars. Last time he saw a girl in October on the day of her birth. Sometimes the truth calls and asks how she is. He lives 30 minutes from us.
I understand you well, my grandson grows so much. He was 17, he came to me for his birthday, and we tried to find Papa in the internet all evening. We did not find it. In addition to kopecki alimony, the son had nothing from his father. He does not remember just how his father looks.
With this it is difficult not to agree. It is better to part with a worthless husband and father. Your daughter will meet another decent person who will be a good father for your granddaughter. All the best is yet to come. You just have to believe, hope and do something to fulfill your dream.
Nastal.Dostoyny chelovek.Luchshe than the father grandson. Live civil marriage, do not bother printing in the passport.
But the child wants to know his father. It is hoped that Papa will see him and melt, and he will always be with his son.
But he does not need a dad. He is concerned (how can I name – I find it difficult – my husband, my daughter’s partner?) My son-in-law, I think so. A good man, I respect him.
If your daughter’s buddy is a good man, cares about your grandson, that’s wonderful! A stamp in the passport is not always a guarantee of a good family relationship. Do I have to destroy my life and the life of a child because of a stamp in my passport?
I treat this normally. The younger 3 years have lived with the boy. Then the wedding and the children. It’s right. They saw themselves, got used to it, understood that it was time, and they created a family. It’s better than as the senior. She got married, gave birth, and was taken from the hospital her husband and I, my grandmother and grandfather’s grandson.
I, too, take it normally.
It is better to record everything in the registry office than to stand before the judge, to prove your mistake.
I agree entirely.
I’ll ask friends in Boston about such problems. Their daughter is a gastroenterologist and quite successful. And here they were zavotdeleniami, now retired.
About how I was lying in the hospital in Dinan (Belgium) already wrote. Before that, I was examined by an oculist, a cardiologist, and a couple of years ago I went to a dentist.
He, without leaving his place, enlightened my tooth, and began to fight for it, although the hole there was already healthy. In short, he patched it to me and I paid for all 35 euros. Zyatdoma asked how much I gave to the doctor, and immediately returned the money to me.
With this apparatchik he enlightened me a tooth without any film inserts in his mouth. I went into the next room, apparently to the monitor, and after returning back, I began to work.
Here everything is clear and at hand.
In the US, dentists first make a panoramic snapshot of teeth once a year, and when they work, they have a monitor with a picture of a sick tooth before their eyes, they do not act blindly. If you need to clean the channel under the crown, it is not removed, and the entire procedure goes through the crown, and the doctor looks at the microscope during the operation. There is no pain in speech. It is very important to find a doctor you trust and go to him constantly.
Guys, do not tell a fairy tale! I’m trying to persuade my own teeth-bear it! There’s no money for you!
As soon as they start kicking, I will start treatment, I will stop eating – there will be no money for food!
Ptashechka, teeth must still be treated, then the entire digestive system will be healthy. Yes, and thanks for the teeth.
While not particularly bother. More worried about a small pension and high prices for services.
Well, if the teeth do not bother, then order. A small pension is a big problem with modern Russian prices and high fees for all kinds of services.
Until we are hungry, and thank God!
Somewhere I do not live there. whether.
Lied on the policy (no additional payments and surcharges) in the municipal hospital. Diagnosis, treatment (doctors, nurses, nannies) – everything is fine. I wrote a thank you to the website of the boyess.
Zubki I carry in a regional out-patient department. Without panoramic shots and with pain – but they work.
I think that the municipal hospital in Moscow differs from that of a small town, for example, in the Kostroma region. There is no modern technology to investigate serious cases of the disease. If the patient is lucky, he will be sent to Kostroma, if there is no policy, he will not be saved, he will have to pay. Zubki better to treat without pain, but for this in Russia, too, must pay. Its health is more expensive than free medicine.
I almost all my life lived in Russia, in St. Petersburg. The city, sort of like the capital almost. Therefore, I am very familiar with our native medicine. My husband was anointed with Parkinson’s disease, he, like a former military man, had the right to preferential treatment in the Military Medical Academy. How much we have applied our money to this “free treatment” is terrible. It is clear that nothing helped: in 3 years he died. But the memory of free medicine and policies I have left for the rest of my life. Take care of your health and be happy!
I was lucky! My youngest had a high patron (treated like a father). She led me to him at the reception, on time. Now I’m registered in Samara. The surveys are free of charge. Only I spend a lot of money on a taxi there and back.
I so understood that in Russia, so far personal communications are important in medicine, if they are not, then no policy will help, they will have to pay for everything in full. so it was 10 and 20 years ago.
Yes, if not for the daughter, then.
It’s good that my daughter helped. Clever!
It so happened that I still have time to stay.
And we should rejoice at every day, and live here and now. This is my motto!
And I’m so cheerful and happy! Even for this “they beat me!” sometimes.
They just envy your positive attitude. Do not pay attention, live your life.
What wonderful words! Thank you for such a post.
Bouquets of unparalleled beauty! You just showered me with such unearthly beauty! Thank you.
Today, I do nothing. Something pinched a little.
Let yourself and your body relax a little. A bouquet again ah, how good! Thank you enormously!