& laquo; Here everything is strange & raquo ;: the Ukrainian about the surprises of Swedish medicine and childbirth in Sweden.

& laquo; Here everything is strange & raquo ;: the Ukrainian about the surprises of Swedish medicine and childbirth in Sweden.
Ukrainka Katya Kayed moved with her family to Sweden just over a year ago. Here she gave birth to a second child. Now Katya shares her impressions of pregnancy and childbirth in Sweden and tells about the peculiarities of Swedish medicine. You will be surprised, but there is something about Ukrainian healthcare that you can miss abroad.
I’ll tell you about honey. service in Sweden. Here everything is strange and unusual for me.
The most unusual & mdash; system of general specialists. With any problem you come to the doctor, and he tries to guess what you have. It is considered the norm if the doctor on your symptoms will look for an answer on the Internet. With that, you sit in the office and you can see all this. The doctor can call colleagues for advice or call someone. If at the moment he can not answer your question, he will prepare and say the next time.
If something bothers you, you can not just go and see a doctor. Need a preliminary recording. But there are regular medical examinations, which the clinic invites itself, by mail. The doctor’s visit costs 5 euros. If you need an interpreter & mdash; it is provided free of charge.
If the receptionist has registered, but did not come and did not warn you that you can not come, you are fined. This is twice as expensive as receiving & mdash; 10 euros. At us so it has turned out. My birth occurred on the day when Carolina was vaccinated. We could not go, and did not call to cancel. Then came the invoice for a fine.
Medical cards are only for children, and they are not intended for doctors, but for parents, so that they have information about weight, vaccinations, examinations, etc. Analyzes in these books do not fit. They come by letter home. But the letter is not the results themselves, but the conclusion of the doctor: everything is good or you have to come again.
Adults do not give birth to cards. In Sweden, everyone has an ID-card, which stores absolutely all information about a person: medical, financial, up to what medicines you bought or how many parcels you received.
The doctor at the number of this card looks at the information to which he has access.
Analyzes in Sweden do only when absolutely necessary & mdash; this is costly for the state. And the management of pregnancy is significantly different from Ukrainian. They do not understand what “uterus tone” & raquo ;, do not take any smears, and in the chair for the entire pregnancy was not even once.
From tests and examinations during pregnancy at the reception, once a month, the heartbeat of the fetus was checked, and blood was taken for hemoglobin. I checked the urine for the protein myself, with test strips.
Ultrasound for the entire pregnancy is the same, at 18 weeks. I thought I would sleep during the study. Each action comments and explains: & laquo; This gel, it is cold, you may become uncomfortable, this is normal & raquo; etc.
Since I was in Sweden only the first year, I was given another fluorography and an analysis for cervical cancer & mdash; it must pass here once a year.
Childbirth in Sweden vs birth in Ukraine.
Childbirth here is a fairy tale. I have something to compare with. I gave birth to Carolynka in Znamenka, Kirovograd region. Thank you & raquo; staff, bought a bunch of everything on the list in the hospital: medications, up to the clamp on the navel, hygiene products. In the maternity hospital the conditions are unforgettable: a terrible shower for all women in childbirth at the end of the corridor, the window is not painted over, the door without a hook. And then it seemed normal.
For Swedish birth I paid only 20 euros. And then & mdash; for an additional place for my mother, she was lying with me after giving birth.
Everything for hygiene of mother and child was given immediately: diapers, gaskets, disposable linen. A few days after discharge all this was used.
The presence of a husband or someone else from the family at delivery & mdash; certainly. All give birth to their husbands, with the father at once a full-fledged parent. Next to me, my mother gave birth, and my father took the baby with him to the corridor. He sat with her all night, watched TV, washed it, fed it, and my mother slept.
But in the birth itself, he infuriated me. He called all my relatives on Skype and said “smile & raquo ;. I wanted to kill him. True, when the attempts had already begun, Mahmud tried to escape, but his midwife did not release him, he hid in the corner. And I was afraid of not understanding something & mdash; I still did not get an interpreter.
After delivery, 6 hours are kept in the clinic. If you gave birth before dinner and you are doing fine, you will be home in the evening.
I gave birth after one o’clock in the afternoon, plus Max’s big, 4365. So we were left for the night. The next morning, Max examined the doctor and we were discharged. Mahmud overslept, and while he drove for us to the clinic, it was almost 12 days. By this time, we were politely asked three times when we would leave.
Medicine in Sweden is expensive. Therefore, the extra tests do not do, and they go to the hospital only when everything is bad.
This is especially true for colds: snot, cough for the disease is not considered. But the snot, maybe, will pass. And Carolina often has bronchitis. It’s good that there is a familiar doctor, an Arab, and he always listens to us. And even before the vaccination, no one listens to the child, does not measure the temperature, does not do tests. All according to the parents.
About prevention for children and adults.
Since treatment in Sweden is expensive, prevention is seriously. Every month, children undergo scheduled check-ups, plus vaccinations or counseling, if you come with complaints. We are still ordering a Russian interpreter by phone.
We arrive at the hospital by the appointed time, they are already waiting for us. No queues, we generally do not see people of others in the hospital. The reception takes about an hour. All this time the doctor is engaged in you.
It is interesting that the examinations are mandatory, but the doctor has no right to insist on it. I happened to know about it after the birth. I received an invitation to postnatal scheduled examination on the 4th, and for tests for cervical cancer & mdash; on 11.
I went to my midwife, she discussed contraception with me (spirals put free of charge). And asks, can I look at the chair? I think: if he asks, then it is not necessary. I say, thank you, I’m fine. She again: can see? I say, I will soon have tests to take, there and look. She was even happy: & laquo; Let me now take & raquo ;. It turns out that this is a compulsory examination, but they must pass only at the patient’s request.
Here everything is very sharp for children. In every institution where you need to wait there are waiting rooms with toys and colorful entertainment: in the hospital, in the bank, at the realtors, in every little room of the employment center. We once had to wait with Karolina in the bank for 10 minutes. Her employee of the bank gave a coloring, pencils. We thought that she gave just a play, but no, a gift.
When vaccinations are done, almost a circus is invited. Carolina blisters blew, then immediately a box with small presents was given, so she chose what she likes.
Medical procedures and examinations for children are free. Until 18 years, free vitamins and medicines are laid. I was surprised when we were immediately given vitamin D for Max. Initially, alcohol, and then water, because the taste of alcohol it did not like. And these vitamins are from 10 euros in a pharmacy. Another immediately presented a CD with children’s music, a reflective vest.
So, despite all the oddities of Swedish medicine, it has much more advantages. And certainly there will be no situation that you can not cure the child, because you have no money for that.
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