How I moved to Belgium-Brussels.

How I moved to Belgium-Brussels.
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How I moved to Belgium-Brussels.
26 Jun. 2014, 17:22.
Immediately begin with the terms – expect exactly two months to receive all the documents before the county, tk. here you have to calculate your time depending on the medical certificate, which is only 3 months old. I focus on the period of validity. all documents that will be received during the receipt of a work visa will be needed already in Belgium, with an unexpired term. Of course it’s a wannabe. There’s nothing to say here. The next step is a police certificate (issued one month after the request) – go to the website – press registration of your office – receive a password with the passport and SNILSOM password to this office on Arbat in Rostelecom, with the password we go to your office on the site and click on – “certificate of non-conviction”. Be sure to confirm that a letter will come to the post office confirming that the request has been submitted for processing (there may be a refusal, so it will be necessary again for the request)). If everything is OK, then you get a letter saying that in a month you can pick it up there somewhere.
While we wait, we can start to make a medical certificate. For a start, go to where you can donate blood from the vein to get the test results. Help yourself received two times, because the trip itself was postponed. The first time I tried to do everything through an ordinary district clinic. It turned out, but it took a week to run, until I collected all the leaves. The second time did it in INVITRO (not advertising, just next to the house). Time spent 5 minutes on the actual change, and the minute the results are received on the electronic. He gave 680 rubles. Your right to choose which is more convenient.
After I call the European medical center and make an appointment, then with Dr. Gauthier. I bring all the results of the tests and for 200 euros I receive a certificate, the validity of which, I repeat, is 3 months.
The next step that needs to be done is to go with this medical certificate to the Embassy of Belgium at the address: Moscow, ul. Mal. Molchanovka, 7. From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 12 days. Go through the barrier from the inside There you must put a stamp of the embassy on each signature of the doctor who issued the certificate (on each page). Employees of the embassy speak Russian. If you are suddenly going to send these certificates to Belgium for the preparation of a working permit, then be sure to ask the embassy which of their medical information sheets should be sent to Belgium.
After you received a certificate of non-conviction, you give it to a French translation: a diploma with grades on education, a certificate from the police (apostilize both the original and the translation).
Next – A package of documents, consisting of: a resume, a copy of each page of your wanderer, an employment contract signed by you, a medical certificate (exactly the one you will be told in the embassy), 3 photos as a wretch (do 6 pieces at once, in the next few steps 3 are needed), the translated and apostilled diploma of education is sent to Brussels to the address of a lawyer who deals with your Work Permit, i.e. work permit in Belgium. After a while you get this permission from a lawyer.
With all this good, namely:
– Work Permit, + 2 copies.
– honey certificate, apostilled from the police,
– your usual passport + copies of all pages,
– a certificate of disclosure of your data in the visa sphere,
– two English-filled forms for the Visa (from the website of the Belgian Embassy you can download)
– 3 photos as a passport,
you eat in the visa center of Belgium. I went to the street. Sliver next to the metro Paveletskaya.
If all the documents are in order and nothing else has been said to you, then boldly wait about a week for your visa.
That’s basically all that needs to be done in Russia before, without any problems, go abroad to Belgium on a working contract.