How to apply for a visa to New Caledonia.

How to apply for a visa to New Caledonia.
Archipelago New Caledonia is a large island with the same name and a group of small ones surrounding it. It is located east of Australia, in the Pacific waters. Travel there among the citizens of the Russian Federation is not very common because of the great remoteness. There are in New Caledonia, for the most part Russians living in Siberia and the Far East.
The tourist attraction of the islands is not so much beaches, as diving in coral reefs with bright pictures of the underwater world and magnificent natural landscapes with spectacular waterfalls and mesmerizing limestone caves. Add exotic relic plants and animals.
Since the sovereignty over the islands belongs to France, a visa for Russians is necessary for traveling to New Caledonia.
If already there is a Schengen visa.
Without additional treatment in the French Consulate, you can do only in two cases:
When there is a minimum annual Schengen multivisa available to one of the countries without a visa agreement, or a residence permit in these states. When there is a long-term Schengen visa for France. It must be valid for another year after the date of departure from the islands.
Registration of a visa in the standard order.
In order to request a visa to New Caledonia, you need to apply to the visa centers of France, which are located in several cities of Russia, and provide the following documents:
The application form. Available for download on the website of the French Embassy. The questionnaire is identical to the usual document to be filled in to enter the Schengen states. Only as a country of entry should not specify France, and New Caledonia. Passport and copies of pages with personal information, visas and marks on crossing the border. The passport must be valid for 90 days, starting from the date of departure from New Caledonia. Used passport with page xerocopies. Internal passport of the Russian Federation with copied pages. 2 recent photos 35�45 mm. The background is light. Printout of tickets to the plane in both directions. Insurance medical policy, designed for the entire duration of stay on the islands. Documents on the financial solvency of the applicant. These can be bank statements on the status of accounts or on the movement of funds on bank cards. A certificate issued at the place of employment on a letterhead with requisites. It must include the position and average monthly income of the applicant. Printout of hotel booking confirmation or apartment rental. In the case of a guest visit, an invitation letter must be sent indicating the address of the stay on the islands.
Important! A certificate of currency purchase or a simple copy of a bank card is not proof of solvency in the French Consulate.
For some categories of applicants, additional documents must be submitted in addition.
a birth certificate, regardless of the availability of a foreign passport; certificate from the educational institution; permission to leave the child, certified by a notary from the parent remaining in Russia, or from both if the child travels separately from them; letter of the sponsor with his personal data, documents about kinship and financial guarantees.
Certificate of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities; business license;
a certificate from the Pension Fund or a pension certificate; letter of the sponsor;
Important! The consulate of France has the right to request other documents if necessary.
The deadline for waiting for a visa and its cost.
The official waiting time for the entry document to New Caledonia is 10 days. Possible urgent registration for 3 days. In some cases, it is likely that the deadlines are tightened, for example, when the Consulate staff is heavily loaded, so it is better to bring the documents earlier, 3-4 weeks before the trip.
The visa is issued for a one-time visit, for up to 1 month, or for an unlimited number of entries with the right to stay on the islands for 3 months for six months.
Important! If entry is effected by an existing Schengen visa, the stay in the Schengen area is reduced by the number of days in New Caledonia.
The amount of the visa application fee is � 35. If an entry document is needed urgently, the price doubles.
Despite a relatively large package of papers, there is practically no denial of visas to New Caledonia.
Some information about New Caledonia, useful to tourists.
Although the official language on the islands is French, English is also understood by most residents. In New Caledonia, mostly Christians live. Muslims make up less than 5% of the population. The islands have their own currency – the local franc. However, in all tourist places, not excluding shops and restaurants, the Australian and New Zealand dollars are accepted. Exchange points exist at the airport and in the bank offices. Unlike other currencies, for the exchange of the euro, the commission, as a rule, is not charged. Bank cards are accepted for payment everywhere, but there is a limit for the issue of cash. The price level in New Caledonia is quite high, approximately, as in the average European country. Moreover, island products are not cheaper than imported products. Tipping is not accepted there – such are the customs of the Aborigines. They take a tip for a gift and feel obligated. It should also not be bargained, because according to local customs this is treated as disrespect. According to the rules of customs, you can import and export without declaration � 3000 or an equivalent amount in any currency. You can not take samples of relic plants and rare animals that inhabit the local fauna.
Visit New Caledonia can be advised to all tourists who like to rest in exotic and unusual places, enjoy chic underwater landscapes and study the history of remote corners of the planet, dream of seeing unique forests and waterfalls. Moreover, the issuance of a visa is not difficult.