How to get to Zatoka from Minsk?

How to get to Zatoka from Minsk?
How to get to Zatoka from Minsk?
In this publication we will tell you how you can get to Zatoka from Minsk.
1. Tourist bus to the recreation center.
The most convenient and economical option is to get to Zatoka from Minsk by bus, which will take you with all the luggage directly to the selected recreation center. Buses are necessarily equipped with air conditioning, audio and video equipment, free WI-FI. The bus is run by an experienced crew of two drivers and a team leader who will take on all the duties and formalities associated with the movement. It remains only to get comfortable and enjoy the journey. The routes are thought out in such a way that it is not necessary to go to Minsk for boarding a bus. You can go to Zatoka directly from Borisov, Zhodino, Slutsk, Soligorsk, Mozyr, Bobruisk and Gomel.
The cost of travel per person there and back 55 USD.
2. Independently on the machine.
You can go to Zatoka by private car. The route E-95 to Odessa is quite comfortable. In this case, you need to take care of either a few drivers or a transit night. Although there are often drivers who overcome this distance at a time and alone. But it’s everyone’s business: whether it’s worth it or not. In the case of a transit overnight stop usually do for Kiev. Given the passage of the border, it’s just half way (even large) & ndash; you can and relax. On this section of the road there are often roadside hotels, where you can cheaply spend the night without any preliminary reservation. From Odessa it is better to drive the coordinates into the navigator, as the resort area with a lot of hotels will begin.
The cost is calculated independently based on the parameters of the car.
3. Train to Odessa.
A more comfortable mode of transport is the train. Dispatched daily from the station Minsk – Passenger at 13:48 and arrives at the station Odessa – Home at 11:09. From Odessa directly from the railway station every 15-30 minutes. minibuses are sent to Zatoka. The journey will take about an hour. Since the bus will still not deliver you to the hotel, you can take a taxi either directly in Odessa, or already in Zatoka. You can also book a transfer when buying a voucher in the office. It will be both safer and more profitable than a taxi.
The cost of a reserved seat is one way from 65 BYN, coupe & ndash; 85 BYN.
4. Shuttle bus to Odessa.
Bus Minsk & ndash; Odessa runs daily except on Fridays. From Minsk, the bus station & Central ‘raquo; departure at 19:30 in Odessa at the Central Bus Station at 12:35. Then again a minibus or a taxi. This option does not justify itself: neither is it comfortable or cheap. Therefore, it can be considered when the train has left & raquo; and there are no other options, but I want to Zatoka.
5. The plane to Odessa.
A new version of the trip to Zatoka was proposed by the national airline Belavia. It offers daily flights to Odessa. Departure from Minsk at 13:00 arrival in Odessa at 13:30, back from Odessa at 15:10 in Minsk at 16:35. The flight time is 01:20 min. Fast and comfortable. In this case, for sure you need to book a transfer from the airport at the office of the tour operator.
6. The Hitchhiker.
If you really want to save money and get new impressions & ndash; then hitchhiking. The main thing is not to get in the car with Russian numbers, but otherwise the language will go to Kiev and Zatoka.
How to get to Zatoka & ndash; negotiable.
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