How to go to America?

How to go to America?
For many people, America is a dream, someone wants to be there from childhood, someone gets such a dream in adulthood, but every person with thoughts like – I want to go to America, sooner or later the question arises as to how fulfill the dream? It is about how to go to America, we will tell in this article.
The first, and the main obstacle to go to America, is the visa regime for entry into the country for citizens of many countries, including Russia. And this means that you can not just want to buy tickets and fly to the US, you will have a fairly tedious procedure for obtaining a visa.
More details on how to get a visa to America, learn here – “How to get a visa in the US?”. There are the following types of visas, depending on the purposes of your trip:
Non-immigration, the given variant of the visa is necessary for you if you want to go to America for a while, relax, travel, work, that is for a temporary stay. Immigration – a visa for those who want to move to America, that is for permanent residence.
Vacation in America.
However, when obtaining a visa is not so simple. At the interview you may need documents confirming the purpose of your trip, which means that by the time you have everything ready for you to travel:
Transport (air tickets, the best option, of course you can go on a cruise through the ocean, but it will take a lot of time). Accommodation (hotels, apartments). Excursion program.
Not all documents may be needed during the interview, but it is better to be safe. In addition, it is worth remembering that even for a short trip you need financial guarantees (references from work, bank statements).
You can organize your vacation in America either with the help of a travel agency or on your own. The second option will be much more profitable, for several reasons:
The savings will be noticeable, at least you will save on the travel agent’s reward, and, of course, you can find advantageous air tickets and discounted hotels. Your trip will be exclusive, and as much as possible will correspond to your requests.
If you decide to organize your vacation yourself, it will be useful to read the article, how to buy a ticket for a plane, here – “How to buy a ticket for an airplane?”. In addition to renting hotels or apartments, you can use the absolutely free way of living abroad: the exchange of apartments for vacations, or to find a family who wants to shelter you at home during the rest. Such variants of travel in Russia are gaining momentum, so to say the help of travelers to each other.
Some do not represent travel without cars, and this is not a problem, you can rent a car. It is better to take care of this in advance, because the arrival may not be necessary to you car.
Go to live in America.
But besides just to go to America to relax, many people want to go there forever. Some think that their life will be better there, others are sure that there are much more opportunities for building a successful career than at home. But both of them can be sure that the quality of life of Americans is much better than Russians, no matter how sad it may sound.
Suffice it to recall pensioners, and compare ours and their grandparents: American retirees are vigorous and well-off, dress well, go in for sports, travel. Most of our grandparents consider every penny and donate things bought, almost in youth, many move with difficulty … The life of people with disabilities in our country is unbearable, and in America, everyone does that they can feel normal among the healthy people, and not hide in their apartment, as in our country.
We can talk about education for a long time. Even less than ten years ago, our diplomas were valued abroad, but now this is not enough which university can boast, so many students dream of studying in America, and some actively use the program Work and Travel USA. Once they have been to America, they do not want to return. About ways how to go to America to live, you learn from another article of our site – “How to go to America?”.
Whether to go to America live, everyone decides for oneself, however, it is difficult to make the right decision without knowing anything about living in the USA, and another article of our site will help you to solve this problem: “How to live in America?”.