I left to live and work in Germany …

I left to live and work in Germany …
I left to live and work in Germany …
How did I do this? Decisively!
The decision was hard, but since it was accepted, we decided not to pull and go.
I am sometimes asked: “Do not you like Ukraine?”
I answer: I love Ukraine. But, unfortunately, this is unrequited love.
Ukraine will always be my home and the place where people close and dear to me live. But, unfortunately, today’s state of the country, and not only with regard to medicine, does not leave me a choice. “# 8212; I want a better future for my children.
And for myself, too. I do not want to leave medicine, I love my job. And such thoughts were – because the conditions for work are not the same, and the salary is not the same …
The desire to become a doctor came to me not immediately. At first I really wanted to become a veterinarian, to treat animals, to help them. But in the ninth grade I decided that it was not serious. And my professional desires formed into a desire to become a doctor and I entered the medical lyceum. In general, I always liked the profession of a doctor.
In my specialty, I like that it combines all the directions of medicine. I often heard from teachers and from friends-doctors: “Anesthesiologist should know everything!” And although it is almost impossible, I strive for this.
During my studies at the academy, we taught various diseases, their clinical picture at different stages. And so I was most interested in the process of the development of the disease, the factors that affect the variety of its course and, of course, the severe clinical manifestations at those stages when the patient can no longer do without medical assistance. In intensive care, doctors work with such patients, along with sudden life-threatening conditions, to which a competent doctor can significantly affect and save a person. And saving lives, in fact, the main goal, which seeks every doctor.
I love my homeland, but with strange love …
Doubts about the correctness of the choice arose only when the romantic moods to “save people” were confronted with thoughts about how I myself to provide for the salary of a doctor. At about this time, a decision was made to emigrate or to look for another job for earnings. I decided to stay a doctor, but do not adjust to our health care system, which deforms our wonderful and intelligent doctors. But this decision was not easy for me.
In our country, little depends on doctors. You can have great knowledge and enthusiasm, but all this in a few years will break down the stones of our healthcare system. The doctor at us do not give anything, even the worthy salary, and constantly only demand.
Just finding a job is easy. By distribution, there is a place for everyone. On the desired specialty – very difficult, no one cares what you dreamed of becoming there 3-6 years, or even the entire conscious life. To distribute what you want to become, you need to look for mechanisms. And these mechanisms are quite complex … And so much so that to work on the specialty, and even earn … No, it’s not about our systems. Well, unless you go into commercial medicine.
Why do I like Germany?
The decision to leave was made after my trip to Germany in 2013. I realized that I want to live and work here.
The doctor here by status is almost equal to officials. Hospitals have everything to provide quality care in accordance with all modern standards. Bribes order in everything, respect of the Germans to themselves and to others.
Our medicine has its own strengths, but in Ukraine the weakest links are & # 8212; this is rehabilitation and social security. I’ll give just a few examples of what I can see abroad: 70-year-old grandmothers and grandfathers ride electric buggies, walk in parks, sit in cafes, meet friends, use public transport on their own, social workers help them around the house.
Those. people with age and physical disabilities continue to lead a full life and remain active members of society.
A great impression on me during my first trip to Germany was made by an old man who, due to his health problems, should constantly use an oxygen cylinder and have it with him. And where, you think, I saw him. Walking along the Rhine promenade!
Have you decided to leave? Do not be afraid of difficulties!
No sooner said than done. We made a decision and began to prepare for our departure.
The first difficulty for the future emigrant & # 8212; it is the adoption of a firm decision and the fight against fears.
No one will stand at the airport or train station, wait with open arms and talk about where to go and what to do. You have to do everything yourself, defeating difficulties with great motivation.
Opening a visa depending on its duration and the possibility of finding employment without leaving Germany can take a long time and require various activities.
There are other difficulties. For example, opening a blocked bank account from Ukraine in a German bank is now almost impossible, although earlier this procedure was simple. At the same time, there are almost no problems with the Shengen.
Well and one more difficulty is a finance, it is necessary to be ready, for example, to sell the car and to go. But you need to think it through and plan it well, so it’s not in vain.
The very first, labor-intensive and at the same time expensive – is the study of the language. The best and most economical way is to learn German to the B1 level in Ukraine. Then go to the courses in Germany. Without this, nothing at all. There are courses that are taught specifically for doctors, then the exam is given and a certificate is given telc B2-C1 fur Mediziner.
With this certificate, you can already take some action on employment. These courses are not available in all schools. In particular, I passed them here at the Dolmetscher Institut Munster. The exam passed.
Then it is best to find a hospital, this is our practice, where we will be able to consolidate the knowledge received over two months in the courses. This school can also help with all translations and writing a resume (for practice it is also necessary). This help is not free, but if you do everything yourself, it will be much more expensive. Plus, the school provides housing for rent, which is very useful. Finding the very home in Germany is also far from easy and expensive. It is necessary to find out everything in detail about the school you are going to go to, and if it provides such services, then it is almost meaningless to translate documents in Ukraine, and it may not be translated correctly.
In Ukraine, it is necessary to translate only what the embassy requires, and there will not be any problems with apostills.
Job search also takes a lot of time, and trips to interviews require large financial costs. In general, public transport in Germany is an expensive pleasure. If you, for example, a family of two people and arrived for 4-6 months, it is best to immediately buy some inexpensive used car.
From what I have achieved: signed a working contract, now I’m waiting for a work permit and that’s all!
But then within two years it will be necessary to receive confirmation of the diploma (Approbation), which may require passing the exam. Again, the tests that will need to be repeated several times.
But I’m ready for them!
In Germany, the level of “social health” is admired, as people care about the environment, even before they sort out the garbage. Also surprised by the friendliness of the Germans, although about this their quality rumors go completely backwards. My husband and I even managed to make friends for four months – a young German couple.
All people are very friendly: sellers in the store, unfamiliar colleagues in the hospital, passers-by just say hello, smile and wish a good day. If you stand and look casually at the map of public transport, they will certainly approach you and try to help. And all because people are happy with life do not think where to get an extra penny and feed the family.
Of course, the family makes the family more bored. And the thought that relatives are getting old, and seeing them will now work out infrequently. And also, some foods J are forged, for example, buckwheat.
But. nevertheless, relatives provide support, and help in everything they can. They are completely “FOR” our husband and the solution. I would very much like to come to Ukraine in ten years, and see great changes for the better. Such changes to want to return home, with the baggage of experience, zeal to help raise our medicine!
Zolotareva Zoya Vadimovna.
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