Immigration to America via the cube

Immigration to America via the cube
Boris Smirnov writes the blogger:
It is not difficult to live well in Cuba, you just need to know how to do it. This article is the result of my impressions of 2 years of living in Havana.
There is only one word that can describe everything that is happening in Cuba today – “waiting.” Everyone in Cuba is waiting for something. The Cubans are waiting for a passing car to get to work, waiting when it will be possible to buy food cards, waiting in numerous queues in shops, hospitals and government agencies, foremost wait for them to be given the right to buy a car, the most active Cubans are waiting when they are given the right to leave the country, by itself everyone is waiting for the end of the working day, so you can go out and start waiting for a ride that stops and throws it home. Everyone is waiting for at least some changes. A year ago I applied to the US Embassy in Havana (where it is called the US Interests Mission) with a request to extend my US visa – I was offered to wait 1 year and 8 months to come to an interview with the consul – before he had all the days painted.
Cuba is the most popular and large island in the Caribbean. Because of its beauty, Cuba is often called the “Caribbean Pearl”, it boasts hundreds of kilometers of stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, impressive landscapes and magnificent cities. Here, more than 300 pristine beaches, coves and bays, surrounded by the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea – all this has always been the main advantages of the island.
People in Cuba are cordial, hospitable, like fun, have a good sense of humor, they know how to enjoy life, and often come together to sing and dance. Cubans are extremely polite and kind people. They are friendly, sympathetic and always ready to help. Often this is perceived as a desire to earn a tip, but in most cases this is not the case.
In Cuba, there is a unique “two-level” currency system. For Cubans in the country, some prices, for foreigners – others. It’s an idiotic system, but everyone knows that the entire economic system of Cuba is such. The same services in Cuba stand differently for Cubans and foreigners. If you are a foreigner, then all services for you are 24 times more expensive than for Cubans. Of course, if you are not a tourist, but live in Cuba all the time, you will learn to bypass this system, but only where possible.
Currently, tens of thousands of foreigners live permanently in Cuba. In Cuba, there is no law prohibiting foreigners from living there, and it is not difficult to live well in Cuba, you just need to know how to do it and take some Cuban specificity.
For more than 15 years, many Canadians and Europeans have spent the winter months in Cuba. There are about 300 sunny days per year. A mild climate suits most people, and life expectancy on the island is higher than in most developed countries. The healthy lifestyle of Cubans is simple and low-calorie food, sports and physical work, the cheerful disposition of Cubans, and developed Cuban medicine.
I communicated with many foreigners who live permanently in Cuba, mostly they were European pensioners. All of them are quite happy with their lives and happy, because Cuba can give a lot of things that no other country in the world gives. Of course, Cuba has not yet become a place of universal immigration, but for a certain kind of people this place can be devilishly interesting.
Cuba is one of the safest places to live in the world, besides, here your personal life really remains personal (if you are not engaged in espionage and do not participate in activities that are harmful to Cuba, the Cuban authorities will not be interested in you at all). Cubans are incredibly friendly, and the police are incredibly gracious. In Cuba, you will never see police pressure, armed robbery, rape, cruelty or hostile atmosphere. For 2 years of living in Cuba, the police never punished me, although I violated the rules, of course.
Now in Cuba, small businesses are beginning to take the first steps, foreign investment is widely welcomed, which means that Cuba is ready for entrepreneurship. Since the investment laws have been relaxed, Canadians and Europeans have invested in the country. The new law on investment allows foreign businessmen to have their own enterprises, offices and housing. Cuba left the Cold War in the past and is now ready to participate in shaping the global economy. Very soon a gold rush may begin in Cuba, and hordes of entrepreneurs from around the world will begin to fight for spheres of influence on the island.
In Cuba, you will have to deal only with one partner – with the state. The Cuban economic system can be adapted. I met a lot of people who did it. There are many foreigners in Cuba who have opened a successful business. Of course, you need to spend time and learn how to work in the conditions of the Cuban economic system. Many laws in Cuba are completely idiotic, but the good news is that the laws are observed and there is almost no corruption (small gifts to officials do not count), and once you understand and accept these Cuban laws, you can work there.
Cuba craves investment, foreign investors are welcomed almost everywhere. An additional advantage for foreign investors is a highly educated and disciplined workforce, huge undiscovered tourism opportunities and improved infrastructure. The most important thing is to understand how everything works there. Prepare that this can take years.
There is no need to flatter yourself. I know dozens of people who have been trying to do something in Cuba for many years, but they can not. In addition, in Cuba you will have only one partner – Cuba, and if you do not agree with him, there will be nothing more to do in this country.
In Cuba, as in any other country in the world, it is important to wait a little and understand how to live and work. I met many entrepreneurs who came to Cuba in the hope of a quick result. As a rule their endings ended in disappointment.
Despite the fact that the conditions for investment and life in Cuba are improving, no one can foresee the future with absolute certainty. I know many people who have predicted the liberalization of the Cuban economy for 20 years and are still waiting for it to happen. And how many times on the Internet buried Fidel Castro?
The new Cuba is still a few condominiums in the center of Havana, which are built to European standards in places like 5th Avenue, Marina Hemingway, Havana Club or the Malecon Quay. Apartments in such houses are freely sold and bought by foreigners, while prices are one of the most expensive in the Caribbean. Other foreigners are not allowed to buy other Cuban real estate.
The main problems facing any foreigner in Cuba are food, internet and transportation. In Cuba, there are no supermarkets with products from around the world. The choice of food is limited, and imported food is very expensive. The Cuban diet is beans, rice, chicken and pork. Even in the most expensive and modern stores in Havana – such as the “Palco” supermarket – you rarely find more than 2 kinds of cheese, 3-4 types of canned food, 1-2 types of yogurt. For fish and vegetables, you need to travel beyond Havana to the villages. Interestingly, in conditions of total deficit of normal products in Havana, there are several restaurants with excellent world-class cuisine.
The biggest problem in Cuba for a modern person is access to the Internet. It’s super-slow, super-unreliable and super-expensive.
It is almost impossible to buy a car in Cuba. I wrote about this 2 years ago.
In the end, these items can be dropped if they are not very important to you. In many other respects, Cuba is a hell of a great place to live. Here the beautiful climate, friendly people, security, good medicine (of course, not the best in the world, as many say, but still not bad) – life can be very measured and calm. In Havana, there is a great private school, International School of Havana, where children from all over the world study, and Havana University, which is almost the oldest university in the Western Hemisphere.
Who now mostly lives in Cuba? Of course, there are many elderly Europeans here: they married young cubes, sealed up small children and enjoyed a warm climate, universal attention and care. European pension is enough for a very decent life in Cuba. In addition, many people live here who want to give their children a good education. Recently, more and more talk about the fact that Cuba – the best place in the world in order to privately conduct their affairs around the world. Unlike the US and Europe, no one will poke your nose into your affairs.
Hemingway always chose the best places to live. Paris, Spain, Key West, Cuba. He was constantly harassed by the FBI and the US tax administration, and this persecution eventually killed him, as she killed Joe Louis, Woody Herman and other American heroes. He loved Cuba, loved his home in Cuba, but under pressure from the US government, he was forced to abandon his home and go to live in the US. There is compelling evidence that this move killed him: the FBI’s allegations against the Communists drove him to suicide. If Hemingway stayed in Cuba, he would have lived 20 more years.
And again – if someone persecutes you and you want to take refuge, perhaps, Cuba is the best place for it.
Even the owners of the most incredible taste and representatives of various styles of life, Cuba can offer something. In June 1998, the Miami Herald newspaper published the following statement about American baby boomers: “Mass immigration of pensioners will begin, which attracts low cost of living, in conditions of which it is easier to live on their small pension, reasonable prices for medical services and a warm climate. Because of its proximity to the United States and a small degree of industrialization, Cuba will become the most popular place for retirement. ”
The result. Cuba is incredibly beautiful. Magnificent cigars, magnificent rum, beautiful women, entertainment. There is a special attitude towards foreigners, and this has always been the case – even before the revolution. It’s very safe here. Cuba has great prospects in the development of small business. Here you can live comfortably and give your children a good education. Unfortunately, very much here (almost all) is organized through the ass. If you are ready to put up with this – Cuba can be a great place for you to live.