Immigration to Canada Immigration to Canada.

Immigration to Canada Immigration to Canada.
A few words about how to immigrate to Canada and in three years to obtain Canadian citizenship.
Long ago, when the state of Canada was being created and its basic laws were being created, each of the ten provinces got the right to have its own laws, which may differ from federal laws of Canada. For example, a special law on immigration. In 1978, thanks to an agreement between the Federal Government of Canada and the province of Quebec, Quebec was given the right to pursue an independent immigration policy, and to evaluate candidates for professional immigration in accordance with its own scoring system, professions and spheres of education. Under this agreement, the Government of Quebec has opened its immigration offices in the Canadian embassies of several countries.
So, the province of Quebec has its own immigration law. But since it’s still a province, not a separate state, potential immigrants must meet both the immigration criteria of Quebec and the basic requirements of the federal law on the absence of serious illnesses, the absence of a criminal past and a threat to the country’s security. In practice, this means that a potential immigrant must first apply to the immigration services of Quebec, go through an immigration interview and, upon receiving the Quebec City Selection Certificate, open the file at the federal embassy and obtain a federal immigration visa that is known to allow the owner to live in any province of Canada .
What are the immigration criteria for the province of Quebec and where should I go? Quebec carries out its immigration policy through immigration services abroad. All the countries of Eastern Europe belong to the office of Quebec in Vienna, the countries of Western Europe and Israel belong to the Paris office.
The system for calculating the points that must be scored in order to be accepted according to this law and to receive the “cherished” document – a positive decision about the interview that is called CERTIFICATE de SELECTION du QUEBEC (CSQ) is rather complicated.
The main factors are:
Immigration by the law of the province of Quebec has one undeniable advantage. Knowledge of the French language is not the main criterion for selection, in contrast to modern federal law.
To successfully pass an immigration interview, only the initial knowledge of the French language, understanding and conversational skills is sufficient.
This level is quite feasible to achieve in 3-8 months of regular classes. I would also like to note that at present the immigration procedure to Canada under the law of the francophone province of Quebec takes place faster than if you used federal legislation. Of great importance is the fact that Quebec supports its “novoselyov.” Arriving to live in Quebec, you can attend French courses, which last for up to 10 months. Throughout the training period, you will receive a scholarship, which is good financial support at the initial stage of adaptation.
How to get Canadian citizenship? After three years of living in Canada, you will receive a coveted Canadian passport.
Tell me how to migrate to Canada with your family? I am 31 years old, my wife is 26 years old, my son is 2 years old and 8 months old. I’m a financier without work experience. For about 5 years he worked as a fitter – a meat and pork divider. Now I’m studying at the courses “Installation and maintenance of air conditioners, ventilation systems, aspiration and pneumatic transport.” Wife – an accountant with work experience of about 5 years, is officially employed. Knowledge of languages – I – passed Beginner, the wife – about the same.
Tell me please how to fill out a questionnaire or something similar, leave your resume?
My question is that, I want to immigrate to Canada, at the moment, I graduated from the National Technical University, with a degree in architecture, a master’s degree. But the fact is that I have no work experience, and I do not really want to work in the specialty. At the moment, I’m studying the profession of a programmer, and I want to associate life with it. To receive one more diploma in this specialty, unfortunately there is no possibility, because of the temporary barrier. Can I get by with certain certificates, or in general work experience in the specialty? I speak English and French at a fairly good level. What can you advise in my situation?
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