Life in Sweden: why everyone wants to move there?

Life in Sweden: why everyone wants to move there?
The number of people wishing to come to Sweden for permanent residence is consistently high. According to unofficial data, the country remains the leader in this regard. Every second, who has ever heard of Sweden and its standard of living, wants to move there.
But what explains such a demand? Why Sweden? After all, in Europe there are enough countries with a high standard of living. Everything is simple: high salaries, good people, good ecology and infrastructure. And now to the details. We will tell you how life in Sweden differs from other developed countries.
Security and thoughtfulness. Everything for people.
A high standard of living is visible in everything. Here everywhere well-groomed houses, clean roads, everything is in working order. In the metro and public transport there is the Internet, and it works at high speed. You can also access the Network from almost any shop, government office, city library, etc.
This is, just in case, the metro in the Swedish capital.
Bureaucracy is minimized, that is, you do not need to stand in line for long, wait for something. Almost all payments can be made through the Internet, linked to your bank account, if you have, of course, a Swedish card. However, if there is an account opened in another EU country, there are also no problems.
Education for all citizens of the EU is free, including higher education. And it is quite high-quality, it can be seen at least on coming to get a profession from other European countries, including from Great Britain.
Much is being done for people with disabilities. For example, in transport, the floor is lowered specifically so that a person in the stroller can safely climb. Everywhere there are ramps. And even in the forest you can find a special bio-toilet.
Elderly and people with disabilities, the unemployed and mothers in the decree are necessarily helped. The state never leaves those who are not through their fault in a critical or simply difficult situation. The level of social care is very high.
Comfortable working conditions. High salaries.
With an employer in Sweden, it’s perfectly safe to agree that you will be busy 50% of the time or even going to work 30%. It does not cause questions. And always give an hour for lunch, there are officially short breaks, during which everyone does what he wants. In Sweden, it is believed that this only increases the productivity and quality of the work done.
Respectful relationship to each other.
Swedes are very tolerant and appreciate personal space. It will not be imposed, transport always tries to keep distance, and in the parking lot, if there is such an opportunity, they will become one place from each other. And this is not coldness or indifference, but respect and the desire not to interfere with each other.
The level of stress after moving from Russia, for example, is noticeably decreasing. If the seller or the cashier made some mistake, he politely apologizes. But it will not break out on the buyer, nor will it croak.
The cult of clothing or appearance is generally absent. They can go for a walk in crumpled clothes, do not pay attention to the hole, often walk in what is convenient, and is not considered fashionable now. This does not mean that the Swedes do not care what others think. They simply believe that the basic, the essence, and not the form, is important in relations between people.
Friendly attitude towards migrants.
Calm and even attitude towards others fully applies to visitors. Sweden is called a country of migrants, so here no one is surprised by another foreigner.
In a bank, in a store, in a taxi and in a state institution, you can meet a person of any religion, color or orientation. There is no place for discrimination, everyone is treated like someone who deserves respect.
Natives of the CIS said that fellow Swedes willingly helped them with assimilation in exchange for some services. For example, a visitor could teach mathematics or something in IT, and in exchange he was given the full opportunity to practice in the language.
When applying for a job there is also no discrimination. Your knowledge, experience, skills are more important, and not where you are from. Look at the portfolio, if it is, on the resume, on the recommendation. There are no prejudices about the country of origin, or much less compared to other countries in Europe, where Russian-speaking people can be treated aggressively from time to time.
Calm attitude to religion.
To different denominations here are treated equally respectfully, but at the same time quite calmly, without fanaticism. Religion does not determine the life of the majority. The dominant number of Swedes relate themselves to atheists. Among the priests there are quite a lot of women, that some people from the CIS are shocked. But it shows very well how wide the views in this country are among the population.
Safe and clean cities.
Sweden has a very low crime rate. In the dark hours of the day, it’s unsettling except near the most lofty places in Stockholm, for example, where they are noticeably larger than in the rest of the country’s populated areas. Which is not surprising: the capital after all. But these nightclubs and other institutions are assembled in one area, so it’s enough to bypass it and that’s it.
There are no stray cats and dogs, the city authorities competently solved this issue. Pets are quite expensive for their owners. They are all chipped, so if the beast is lost, they will be sure to look for it and find it.
There are no street children, as, indeed, children’s homes. All the kids who are left without parents are trying to identify in foster families.
Clean and amazingly beautiful nature.
In Sweden it is very clean, therefore, including here, and managed to keep nature in almost perfect condition. There are a lot of wild animals, even near large cities. It seems incredible, but if you drive a couple of kilometers from Stockholm, you can see hedgehogs, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and sometimes moose.
There are a lot of parks in the cities, some eco-projects are being constantly implemented. In lakes, you can safely fish, without fearing that it will be contaminated with something or infected with parasites: they are closely monitored for all this. In the forests are preserved centuries-old trees, which are difficult to grasp. All this makes a strong impression!
Yes, life in Sweden has its drawbacks, for example, some of the highest taxes in the world or problems with unemployment. But there are so many pluses that no one is surprised at the number of people wishing to move here.
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