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News of Israel.
Rwandan diplomat does not deny: “Jerusalem is lying about the existence of an agreement on forced deportation”
The Deputy Foreign Minister of Rwanda confirmed what was said in the yesterday’s statement of the government of this country: between Israel and Rwanda there is no agreement on the admission of refugees. In an interview with the Haaretz newspaper, Olivier Nduungiree said that his country is ready to accept only those who come to them voluntarily and will not accept the refugees expelled by force.
“There is no agreement between Rwanda and Israel on resettlement of African refugees to us, & mdash; quotes the publication of the deputy minister’s words. & mdash; If a state sends people to us in accordance with a non-existent treaty, we, naturally, will not accept them. ”
He added that he had not heard about the existence of such an agreement from the Israeli government, but learned about it from the media.
“So is the Israeli government lying when assuring the court in Israel that such a treaty is signed?”, & Mdash; journalists asked. The diplomat actually agreed with this, replying that he does not have such information from the Israeli government. “We have read about this in recent months, but have never heard from the Israeli government an official statement about the existence of such an agreement, because it is not.”
He admitted, just like his colleagues earlier, that between three and four years ago there had been contacts between countries about the deployment of refugees in Rwanda. He stressed that they did not end with the signing of the agreement.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu met with the new president of Rwanda, and this issue was discussed during the meeting. The Prime Minister’s Office issued a very vague communique, according to which “Netanyahu agreed with President Kagame, who stressed that he would only accept the process that would be in accordance with international law.” In the context of the statements made by several high-ranking Rwandan diplomats, this apparently means only the voluntary relocation of Sudanese and Eritreans.
Meanwhile, last week, the Population and Immigration Registration Office has already begun to give African migrants warnings that they will be jailed if they refuse to move to Rwanda. The Office announced that it would send all those who had not applied for refugee status and who had been denied it.
It should be noted that in the countries of the European Union after the refusal, migrants are obliged to leave Europe, but in reality a large part of them remain and are trying to break into the UK in commercial trucks through the Channel Tunnel. The French authorities have been fighting for many years with a huge camp that was broken by African and Middle Eastern migrants near the town of Calais. In France, new immigration legislation is currently being discussed, which is toughening measures against such violators of the law.