Olexandr came to Alkmaar.

Olexandr came to Alkmaar.
Ukrainian club proviv� comrade match against golandskoye command.
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FC & la Oleksandria & raquo; proviv� peredostann�y sparing in the framework of the navchalno – trenuvalnogo zboru in Niederland. Superman commander of the Boulevard of the Moscow club AZ “Alkmaar & raquo ;. Vrahovoychichi that factor, scho vchora oleksandritsy zigrali match, Volodymyr Sharan vidustiv on the field of the first hvilin quiet, hto bov rearier less than an hour in vshorashhny zustrichi. Prote, the first hvilin bulo pomitno, scho komandi not vistacha� shvidkosti. Vplonuv � that factor, scho & laquo; Oleksandria & raquo; I got to the world about three years ago. Ale, nezvazhayuchi at all, ������ Volodimir Sharan pratsyuvali on the self-predation. It’s a pity that in the first time the superman zm�g dv�ch� ���������� at the gates of Vladislav Levanidov. Until then, the first time in the first half of the bouves of the visions was Vasil Gritzuk for the unsportsmanlike conductor.
In another time, the deputies vidbulis in both teams. On the 53rd hvilin� Artem Poliarus zum�v dorogotiti v�dstavannya, ��� on the 78th hvilin� Haps, opisnivsya first on the sale at the car maidanchiku & laquo; ��������� & raquo; and inserting the remaining 1: 3 seedling.
Goals: A. Polarus (53) – Helmer (38), Weghorst (45 & ndash; penalties), Haps (78)
FK & laquo; Oleksandria & raquo ;: Levanidov (Pan’kiv, 46), Shendrik (Gitchenko, 46), Bondarenko (Basov, 67), Stets’kov (Batsula, 46), Starenky (Chebotayev 46), Zaporozhian – c / k, Grytsuk, Kalenchuk (Tsurikov, 62), Ponomar (Polarus, 46), Kozak (Banada, 46), Kulish (Sitalo, 46)
Viluchennia: V. Gritsuk (unsportsmanlike behavior)
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As Laos did not try to sink Barca – did not work.
1. “not comparable”. Chi then illiteracy tunaets navyat usno pidkreslyu�, scho tse word pishets.
Zhenyok, well, you’re just a captain of obviousness.
The championship was stronger then, but now it’s financially more reasonable. The country was not so rich today.
Romanian Blokhin)))) I, I, I, I, I.
And I served under Rigoy. Several times I was in Riga, Elgava and other cities. People are really very up to.
Riga I used to work there in Soviet times !! and the people are very kind !! Briedis like all Latvians ext.
Marasmus grows stronger, they do not take steroids because of the hillock, so we have to shove our own)))
“I’m there at sumy becoming the 20-th, or in the shows showing the 15th hour. & quot; – ��� � whole riven.
Alexander molorik thank you for the boxing classroom !! And for respecting the opponent !! thank Anatoly Loma.