Permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Permanent residence in Bulgaria.
Sunny, friendly Bulgaria has long attracted the attention of Russians, for many years was their favorite holiday destination. The sea, clean air, friendly attitude of the local population to Russian-speaking visitors – all this is preserved in our time. In addition, you can buy decent housing, start your own business, identify children for study in educational institutions of European level.
Foreigners can cross the border with Bulgaria for several types of visas: air transit, transit travel, short stay, long-term stay. With a short stay, the total amount of time spent in Bulgaria for 6 months should not exceed 90 days. Long-term stay allows you to stay in the country for up to 180 days for half a year or 360 days a year. The stay can be temporary or permanent. The residence permit is issued for a period of up to one year, permanent residence is issued for an indefinite period.
The basis for the residence permit can be:
� Labor activity in Bulgaria (it is necessary to have an appropriate permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria);
� Business for which at least 10 workplaces have been created in the country (this provision does not apply to citizens who have come from EU countries);
� International agreements for professionals who came to Bulgaria to work;
� Marriage with a Bulgarian citizen or a foreigner who resides permanently in the country;
� Creation of a representative office of a foreign company;
� Treatment in a medical institution (if funds are available for maintenance and treatment);
� A document confirming the accreditation of a correspondent of mass media of another state;
� Permission for private practice;
� Confirmed family ties with a foreigner who has a permanent residence permit;
� A pension certificate if the pensioner has a Bulgarian place of residence and sufficient amount of money on the account.
Permit for permanent residence can be obtained in the following cases:
� Marriage with a Bulgarian citizen or residence for 5 years, together with a foreigner who lives in the country permanently;
� Status of the child of Bulgarian citizens (minor, unmarried);
� Continuous residence in Bulgaria during the last 5 years (the duration of study at the full-time department is counted in half);
� Investments and investments in the amount of more than 1,000,000 leva (in the case of investments in the trading company # 8212,60000) leva.
� If the permit is addressed by family members of the Bulgarian citizen who have lived in the country without interruption for the last 5 years.
For real estate owners visa regime is facilitated, which allows to spend a lot of time in this country, devoting it to rest or business. Immigration and the acquisition of permanent residence in Bulgaria, and in the future, and citizenship, has a number of positive points. Strong legislation of the European country reliably protects human rights. A rapidly developing economy provides favorable conditions for doing business. Bulgaria is part of the European Union, therefore, having acquired Bulgarian citizenship, it is possible to fully enjoy the benefits that this status provides.
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