Personal experience. How to cheaply cure teeth in the US.

Personal experience. How to cheaply cure teeth in the US.
If you do not have dental insurance and you need to cure your teeth, then most likely you will not avoid an account with a frightening amount. Photo: Depositphotos.
Everyone who moves to a country with expensive medicine must undergo a check-up, treat chronic diseases and repair teeth before departure. I believe that this rule should appear on the first page of all guidebooks for immigrants. Whatever it was, I personally did not follow it, and flew to the USA for childbirth, believing that I have the best teeth in the world and nothing can change it.
I was wrong. Six months after the birth, I had problems that were temporarily solved by taking calcium and paste for sensitive teeth, but after another 2 months I woke up with a wild toothache and realized that I could not endure anymore. Insurance, covering the services of a dentist, I did not have. I had to look for options that would at least reduce the cost of dental repair.
Fortunately, such options exist:
You can solve problems with teeth in the dental school (dental school / school of dentistry), where students often require “guinea pigs”
Tariffs of students are lower than those of dentists, work is done under the supervision of a qualified doctor (as they promise). To get an appointment with a dentist, you need to find a dental school, fill out the application online and wait for your turn. You can wait a few months.
In an emergency situation, “today-tomorrow” you can only help by removing the tooth. Not his treatment.
Most likely, it will be a Russian-speaking doctor, with whom you simply agree on a fixed payment per month, if the amount for his services exceeds your capabilities.
Usually a payment plan is called an installment plan. It is possible or impossible for such a payment format, you can, without hesitation, find out from each doctor who will call.
Get a CareCredit card, find a doctor who is cooperating with this program and solve dental problems in his office.
Care Credit is the financing of medical services, including cosmetic procedures, dentistry, procedures related to vision correction and hearing problems, as well as animal treatment. In fact, this is a credit card, which can be paid only in certain medical offices. The credit limit is calculated individually. If you extinguish the required amount for a year, then do not pay the bank interest. If you make a minimum payment on the card every month and the payment term is extended for more than a year, then in addition to the bank you will give 30% of the amount of your account.
The website of Groupon is constantly updated offers for inspection and cleaning of teeth at a discount. If you need to assess the condition of the teeth, then this is a very good option.
Fly to Mexico or Cuba and cure teeth from local doctors.
However, in this case you will have to act at your own peril and risk.
For dental treatment, you can take a loan in the CareCredit program, go to a dental school, or find a doctor who will agree to payment in installments. Photo: Depositphotos.
Until the time of X I consulted with acquaintances who treated their teeth without insurance not on space tariffs, studied prices and possible options, but only on that ill-fated Monday (and the toothache fell on him) I called doctors to agree on an emergency reception. I started with Russian doctors, contrary to popular belief, that they take “the most expensive”. Two of them were on vacation, the third one could take in 2 days, which was too late for me, and another 1 doctor agreed to take in the next few hours.
For some reason, all 4 Russian-speaking doctors with whom I contacted, at the time of my call, there was a proposal – screening, x-rays and cleaning for $ 79/89/69. Prices were roughly in the same range.
I humbly suffered for several hours, came to the dentist, waited 30 minutes for my turn and went into the office. The specificity of American medical offices is that a doctor can simultaneously serve several patients, migrating from the office to the office, while his assistants will carry out the necessary manipulations, the results of which will inform the dentist before entering the office. In the office, I waited another 15 minutes while I was given an X-ray only of that portion of the jaw where the tooth was hurting (another feature of American dentists), after which the doctor came in with a disappointing diagnosis and count.
According to the expert’s suggestion, it was necessary to remove the nerve in the affected tooth, clean the channels, put the crown, and put a seal in the tooth nearest it. All this went out almost $ 3 thousand. In installments, the procedure was impossible, and I promised to think until tomorrow. Finally, the doctor prescribed me painkillers Ibuprofen and Motrin, who helped to survive the night.
The same evening, I called other doctors and found another Russian specialist whose price for the services of which I arranged more and who worked with the system Care Credit. I went to a new doctor the next day. I had to wait about an hour, but I was quickly examined, put a different diagnosis and billed. According to the doctor, I did not need to clean the canal and remove the nerve in the diseased tooth, but it was necessary to put only a seal in the diseased tooth and another 3 others. But another 1 tooth from the top needed a serious fix. The total bill for 5 teeth was $ 2700.
I immediately clarified about installments, and the doctor gave me a 20% discount and offered to use the program Credit Credit. Right at the doctor’s office, I filled out a paper questionnaire for the receipt of the card, and the doctor’s assistant entered my details into the online questionnaire. While they were filling me, my participation in the Care Credit program was confirmed and given a loan of $ 3000 monthly. Me and my husband. After visiting the doctor, I needed only to confirm by phone in CareCredit my identity.
The card was sent 10 days later. I make a payment from my bank account online at the CareCredit site. I plan to pay off the invoice for 3 months, because I will not pay interest.
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