PMZ in Bulgaria doctor

PMZ in Bulgaria doctor
Without asking about insurance, I was taken to MBAL (Multidisciplinary Hospital of Active Treatment) in Bourgas. There I also quickly, in my opinion, even without a queue, examined the doctor and offered hospitalization.
Immediately in the waiting room, I was asked about the insurance and called an employee of the hospital, which deals with health insurance. She spoke Russian well, so there were no problems. Having looked at the insurance, she said that you need to call the insurance company within 24 hours and inform about the disease and the preliminary diagnosis. After that, only the employee of the hospital communicated with the insurance company – she took a copy of the insurance policy, prepared other necessary documents and so on.
When I was discharged to the hospital, a representative of the insurance company came to personally verify that I really existed, checked my documents, asked several questions about the procedures that I was receiving, and said that everything was fine.
I want to emphasize that during my stay at the hospital I did not pay anything, since the insurance contract was concluded by subscription method, and not by reimbursement. And all questions about payment of medical services were decided between the hospital and the insurance company. I believe that this is very important, because with the restorative method the patient pays for everything himself and then waits for the insurance company to compensate him for the costs incurred. But it can happen that it will take a very expensive operation, but there is no money for it, and how?
It is interesting to note that I was lying in the most ordinary Bulgarian municipal hospital. In an ordinary ward for three people, the whole situation was very similar to Soviet hospitals. Everything is very modest, equipment, furniture – not new. But the attitude of the staff was very striking – very attentive, polite, especially nurses. Three times a day they wiped the floor, without any irritation came on the first call, they came themselves, they asked if it was necessary.
After discharge, we spent the recovery period at our own expense. I do not know if the insurance company pays an outpatient recovery period, but we decided to go through outpatient rehabilitation in Sofia, so everyone paid for themselves. However, I want to say that I am very pleased with how I was treated for my medical insurance, and I have no complaints. When extending the residence permit for the next term, I again issued an insurance policy from the same company.
By the way, a similar case happened to my husband. He also developed an acute illness, and he was also brought by ambulance to MBAL Bourgas. To him was exactly the same attitude, the only thing – he was kept in the waiting room for longer. But the reason was the ambiguity of the diagnosis, and he had to pass several different tests to determine which department would be hospitalized. In all the rest – all the same, – very attentive staff and no problems with the insurance company.
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