professional immigration to Canada.

professional immigration to Canada.
Professional immigration to Canada attracts qualified professionals from all over the world and is the most popular type of immigration. Canada provides emigrants with all the rights of a Canadian citizen from the first days of their arrival in Canada, except for the electoral one, which emigrants receive together with Canadian citizenship and a passport. Prior to obtaining a passport, newly arrived immigrants have the status of permanent resident of Canada (Permanent Resident), which allows you to live and work without feeling any disadvantage compared to citizens of Canada.
The cost of registration of documents for professional immigration programs starts from $ 2000 CAD.
General requirements.
no family member should have unpaid convictions, none of the members of the family should suffer from infectious or incurable diseases. All family members will have to undergo a medical examination. The family must have enough money to move and settle for the first time in Canada.
Annually under the programs of professional immigration to Canada comes about 300,000 people. The main place of arrival and settlement emigrants choose the province of Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Manitoba. A large influx of emigrants makes the device quite difficult in a new place and can be driven in and get first experience in Canada would be easier in less populated provinces. However, we are not looking for easy ways. Immigration itself is a feat.
the main programs of professional immigration to Canada.
Federal Skilled Workers (FSW), the federal program for professional immigration to Canada, is distinguished by the right to enter and settle in any province of Canada for the choice of the emigrant himself. In detail.