Property prices in Finland.

Property prices in Finland.
High standards of living, low crime rate, developed infrastructure and beautiful nature of Finland make the purchase of a house or apartment in this country an excellent offer in the foreign real estate market.
It’s no secret that in our country, because of territorial proximity, immigration to Finland is very popular.
Residential facilities are mainly purchased for recreation, as Finland is an excellent place for a vacation. The purchase of commercial real estate in Finland opens up broad prospects for business.
At the same time for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the cost of Finnish objects can often be more profitable than at home.
The cost per square meter of living space in Finland.
According to statistics, the cost per square meter of apartments in new buildings and in new homes on average in the country is about 3.2 thousand euros.
Commercial objects can be purchased at an average price of 600-2000 euros per square meter.
This level is valid for small shops, restaurants and cafes.
On larger objects, the spread of prices can be much more significant.
The cost of hotels, large shops, entertainment centers and other facilities of this level can be very different and depends on their location and specific characteristics of the business. On average, large commercial properties can cost up to 10 million euros.
The real estate market in Helsinki and in the provinces.
The maximum level of prices for residential real estate, of course, remains in the capital. In Helsinki, a house or an apartment can be bought on average for 4.5-5 thousand euros per square meter.
At the same time, in other regions of the country the average cost per square meter of new housing is about 2.5-2.8 thousand euros. If you look at the regions of Finland in more detail, then the most expensive property near the popular ski resorts.
For example, in the area of the resort of Tahko, the cost of an apartment or a house practically does not lag behind the capital one, and can even exceed it, depending on the class of housing.
Among the cities with the most affordable real estate include cities such as Vanta, Turku, Espoo, Tampere, where the cost of housing can be about half as much as in Helsinki.
Trends in price movements.
It should be noted that for a number of recent years the market for houses and apartments has been characterized by steady growth.
The only exceptions were the crisis years of 2008 and 2009, however, there was no significant recession at that time. Recently, we can confidently say that the growth of the real estate market in Finland resumed with a new force. Only from the beginning of 2011 the price increase was about 6%.
All this allows us to conclude that the acquisition of a residential area (as well as a house or a site intended for business) remains a profitable acquisition also from the point of view of investment.