Retire to Spain

Retire to Spain
. To do this, you just need to buy this house on wheels, equip it with everything you need and travel to your pleasure! It is strange only, why do not young people live in such cozy houses, but mostly old people? What are your versions?
It seems to me that European retirees have such a camping trailer – it’s a kind of a dacha.
In addition, almost all cars are equipped with bicycles. While the house is at a camping parking lot, you can dive.
Most of all I was surprised that these trailers are equipped with powerful solar panels – probably all the amenities there: heating, and you can cook food and watch TV. By the way, TV antennas are also on many roofs.
In general, the whole settlement, where people can live for a long time, occasionally moving from place to place, as bored. Beauty!
The main thing is that everything is for life and you are not tied to any particular place, neighbors, etc.
So, now I have a dream – someday, too, buy such a house and travel with the house. How do you like the idea?
PS: pictures are made this Sunday – a wonderful weather was!
Such a house on wheels is worth the same 50 euros, or even more! Young people rather choose real estate, I think ..
I like it too)))
Such a camper costs, on average, 55-75 thousand euro +/-. A caravan (trailer) or a used camper is cheaper, of course. Those that are not cheap in the photo.
Plus the maintenance of its money costs. In Holland, such “huts” are based primarily on storage in specialsangars or in the fenced areas of farmers providing storage services, sometimes in greenhouses (while there is nothing growing there), such parking is not cheap, I just can not say for sure, but I think, that about 1 000. (and even more) for 3 months.
Well, plus the place in the camping, plus the eaten gasoline, plus the speed limit on the roads, plus additional days on the road, torn out of vacation, etc., etc. Should this all be young when very often available air tickets and hotels, apartaments and houses for every taste and purse?
Current pensioners with campers started, essno, with tents and trailers, when such a tourist infrastructure (hotels, campsites, B & B, recreation centers, etc.), as now was not. Then, tents and mobility were the best opportunity to see the world. Well, not the last thing, I think, played the fact that the current European pence is the children of the sun, i.e. hippies – the spirit of freedom, the wind of wanderings and so on. Children of the sun have matured, settled down, have fulfilled their own and now can remember youth again, only in more comfortable conditions. 🙂
I generally have a migratory soul, I need to be on the move.