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How not to be left alone or immigration with the help of the agency.
We live in an open world. And maybe one day in your head, as well as in mine, the thought of moving to another country will come. You will gradually learn about it, register at a forum such as “Russians in Canada” or “Russian in Italy”, where you, probably, will be called a bald for naive questions and will bring down on you an avalanche of information dotted with mysterious abbreviations. And it will seem to you that you can not understand it for yourself. Or vice versa, having understood, you will find that you do not quite meet the conditions for immigrants. And then you think about immigration with the help of the agency.
In Russia and abroad there are many offices offering to work on your immigration. On the other hand, many online resources give detailed instructions on how to deal with this task independently. If you choose the agency’s help, this does not mean that it will do all the work for you and you will not have to worry about anything else. I’ll try to talk about the pitfalls that can significantly complicate and delay your voyage to distant shores.
The first and most important task is to choose the “captain”. I chose a fairly well-known in Russia agency for international employment and concluded an agreement with him on immigration to New Zealand. Unfortunately, my story ended in a very disappointing way for me, because in accordance with the new immigration rules, it became necessary to pass an expensive qualification exam. Of course, agencies are not responsible for the actions of the authorities, so additional costs are borne solely on the shoulders of the client. It was clear to me: I will not draw.
This is the first underwater stone in the way of a fairly large number of potential immigrants – a change in immigration laws (usually with a tightening, but, they say, there are also pleasant surprises).
My documents have not yet been transferred to the embassy, so I decided to terminate the contract. I was returned about 37% of the amount that I had already paid. Thus, for the work of the agency, I paid about 120 thousand rubles. According to one of the clauses of the agreement, I knew this non-refundable amount in advance, because the company is obliged to send costing before signing it. This is the second pitfall, another risk. It should be understood that the services of the agency are not expensive, and in case of termination of the contract you will lose a significant amount of money. But if you embark on an independent voyage and at some stage decide to turn back, you lose only the amount paid by the state duty. If you do not have time to pay them, you will not lose anything at all.
By the way, be sure to ask the agency for a detailed price for services BEFORE signing the contract, especially if there is an item in it that you have become acquainted with the cost estimate. Do not make oral promises of absolute immigration (which in principle is impossible, since this issue is decided solely by the immigration authorities of a particular country). There is always a risk that the contract can be terminated or you will be denied a visa, so you should know how much money you will lose. The most expensive services are often immigration analysis, identifying motivation and processing documents. If the company refuses to send a “menu” with the cost of “dishes,” referring, for example, to the fact that it is impossible to predict in advance which services will be provided to you, take it as recognition in the impending deception. In this case, the agency will benefit from termination of the contract or failure to obtain a visa, since you will still pay any amount for their services. By the way, look into the contract: what exactly they are. Most often it is indicated that the agency is obliged to provide consulting services and assistance in collecting the package of documents. This means that if immigration has not taken place, you still have to pay for the consultations. And if you do not get interested in the cost of this work in advance, you will receive a surprise account.
There is also a third underwater rock. If your immigration to a treasured country for some reason did not take place, the agency may suggest that you re-arrange for another program. It is worth bearing in mind that the money will be taken from you for work on both the first and the second program. Sometimes clients agree and on the third re-registration – naturally, also not for free. Remember the fairy tale about a peasant who changed a cow for a pig, a pig for a goose, and a goose for rotten apples. And in real life, an engineer who paid a lot of money for professional immigration to Australia, can eventually go to work for the same amount as a seller in the UAE. Therefore do not hesitate to demand a document in which the amount of deduction under the original program and the detailed cost of services for the one for which you are going to be reissued will be indicated.
So that your ship does not run aground during the immigration process, you should follow a few basic rules:
� Try to find the agency with which your friends or friends immigrated. If this is not possible, be sure to look for and read online reviews about the company that you like. Write private messages to those who left feedback on the forums. Ask these people in detail to tell the stories of communication with the agency and try to verify the authenticity of this information: talk on the phone or through Skype, ask for a link to the profile on social networks. Naturally, it does not make much sense to seek truthful reviews on the forum of the agency’s website, if any. Remove unwanted messages on such resources the company will not be difficult.
� Try to independently calculate your chances of immigration by contacting the official website of the embassy. And be sure to check with this site information obtained from other sources. In many countries a clear scoring system is adopted. If an agency employee asks you not to judge yourself strictly when calculating points – judge. The rules are one for all.
� Ask the employee of the firm to clearly tell you all the stages of the immigration process and send a document detailing your costs.
� If you are forced to start an early collaboration, referring to the fact that later it may be too late, it is an occasion to think about a possible deception. Never hurry to sign a contract, wait 2-3 months. During this time, you will learn different options, read reviews, talk with former agency clients and learn more about immigration rules. It is possible that after that you will find that going to a solitary voyage is not so terrible as you thought at first glance.
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