Visa to Sweden: 10 questions and answers.

Visa to Sweden: 10 questions and answers.
Going to Sweden and thinking how to get a visa? There is nothing easier: a short video and answers to the most common questions will help prepare for a visa to Sweden.
Visa to Sweden: 10 questions and answers.
Going to Sweden and thinking how to get a visa? There is nothing easier: a short video and answers to the most common questions will help prepare for a visa to Sweden.
1. Do I need a visa?
Citizens of the Russian Federation and most countries, former Soviet republics (except Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine) need a visa to visit Sweden.
2. Where to start?
From the definition of the type of visa. Here’s how to figure this out.
Visas are short-term and long-term. On a short-term visa (it entitles you to stay in Sweden and the Schengen countries for no more than 90 days) you travel as a tourist, visit friends, relatives or, for example, go on a business trip. This material describes the receipt of a short-term visa.
A long-term visa is required, for example, if you are invited to work by a Swedish company, you are enrolled as a student in a Swedish educational institution for more than 90 days or you marry a person living in Sweden. In these cases, most likely, the Swedish party that has invited you has already provided or will provide you with the necessary information on the issue of a visa.
So, the visa needs a short-term visa. This is not all – the type of visa depends on the purpose of the visit to Sweden. How to define it?
Let’s say you have business talks planned in Sweden. After working meetings you are also going to meet with friends – and be sure to allocate a day to get to know the city as a tourist. What type of short-term visa should I apply for: business trip, visiting friends or tourism?
The correct answer is: start from the main purpose of the trip.
To review your visa application, you will need a business invitation from a company registered in Sweden, or a private invitation from friends or relatives, or documents confirming where you will stay in Sweden (eg hotel reservation or ferry cruise).
Above, we assumed that you are going to negotiations – and the Swedish company sends you an invitation. In this case, the main purpose of your trip is business. Meetings with friends and sightseeing in their spare time, it does not contradict. Accordingly, you need to collect a package of documents and fill out a questionnaire for obtaining a short-term business visa.
3. What documents will be needed?
It depends on the type of visa you apply for. About how to determine it, we just told. For each type of visa you will need to fill out a visa application form and collect a small set of documents of a certain sample. Detailed requirements for each type are listed here.
4. Where should I submit the documents?
Having made sure that you have prepared all the necessary documents for the required type of visa, filled out and signed a visa application form, you travel with them to the Visa Application Center of Sweden. On the territory of Russia there are 20 Visa Centers, their number is constantly growing. Preliminary recording is not required: you can file documents at any time convenient for you during the opening hours of the Visa Center. Find the nearest Visa Center here.
If you are not a citizen of the Russian Federation and do not live legally on its territory, you should apply for a Swedish visa in your country – here.
5. Not all questions of the questionnaire are clear, and I can not understand the list of documents. What to do?
Call the Visa Application Center in advance and consult. Employees of the Visa Center check the set of your documents and your application in your presence before filing, to exclude the possibility of formal errors. But the responsibility for the reliability of the information is always on you.
Tens of thousands of islands of the Stockholm archipelago “# 8212; in cloudless weather, this beauty is opened to all arriving in the Swedish capital from the east, shortly before landing the aircraft.
6. Can I apply to the Embassy or the Consulate General of Sweden?
In the Embassy in Moscow – you can. The Consulate General in St. Petersburg does not deal with short-term visas, but, if desired, all citizens of the Russian Federation, including residents of St. Petersburg, can apply to the Embassy in Moscow. (For links to Swedish embassies in other countries, see below.)
In order to do this, you need to pre-register for the documents on the Visa Center phone (note: not the Embassy itself!): +7 499 704 3502.
A possible advantage of this solution: you will not need to pay a service fee for the Visa Center. Possible minus: The embassy is located not far from the center of Moscow, with which it is connected only by land transport.
In any case, the period for considering the visa application for filing through the Visa Center and directly to the Embassy will be the same, and it will be reviewed by the same embassy staff. The visa application center does not consider, but only coordinates their submission and receipt.
Please note: any travel agency-intermediaries offering paid assistance in filing documents will submit them through the same Visa Center – a special feed channel and, moreover, there are no special terms for their clients.
7. Is it possible to apply for a multiple visa?
Of course, you can – if you have planned multiple trips to Sweden and the Schengen countries. For example, if you often visit relatives in Sweden or a Swedish company with whom you have close cooperation, the inviting party should indicate it in the invitation – and this gives grounds for issuing a multiple visa.
A multiple visa can also be requested by those who travel intensively to Sweden and the Schengen countries as a tourist. Experienced travelers often compare the likelihood of obtaining a multiple visa in different embassies of the Schengen countries. The official website of Sweden does not make comparisons with the practice of issuing visas by embassies of other countries – we only note that in the case of Sweden, to provide a multiple-entry visa it will be necessary to prove the reason for its necessity.
In any case, the request for a multiple-entry visa alone can not be an obstacle to obtaining a visa. If you have all the necessary documents and reasons for visiting Sweden, the visa will be issued: multiple or one-time.
8. How fast will the decision be made?
The usual period for considering a visa application (short-term visa) by the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow is 3-5 full working days. If the application is not submitted in Moscow, the regional Visa Center will specify how many additional days are required for courier delivery to a particular region.
In peak periods, for example, before the season of summer holidays and winter vacations, the review period may increase. Before submitting an application, you should check the schedule of the Swedish holidays right here. Often they do not coincide with the Russian ones: unexpected days off can affect the actual period of consideration.
It is important to file documents in advance: urgent visa the Swedish Embassy only issues in exceptional cases (for example, a trip to a funeral). Speed up the process, for example, due to additional payment or filing documents through the travel agency, it is impossible.
9. I am going to visit several Schengen countries. Who should I apply for a visa?
With the Schengen visa you can visit the entire continental Europe minus the Balkan peninsula plus Iceland and Malta. When applying for a visa, there is a simple rule: contact the office of the country where you are going to spend more time.
For example, if you are going to Sweden by car and entering transit through Finland, you should contact the Swedish office. If, on the contrary, the main purpose of your trip is Finland, and in Sweden you will look at a much smaller time period – apply for a visa to the Finnish mission. And, of course, if you are going to, for example, Spain, and in Sweden you have only a transfer at the airport, the visa should be addressed to the representation of Spain, and not Sweden: otherwise the authorities have the right to refuse to enter the Schengen territory – in spite of availability of a visa.
9. Can they refuse to issue a visa?
They can. In this case & # 8212; Attention! & # 8212; according to the statistics of the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow, it happens in about one case out of a hundred: if the Embassy has doubts about the veracity of the information stated in the application. For example, if there are reasons to believe that the visa applicant will not return from Sweden after the expiry of the visa or that instead of the stated tour, he / she is going to work in Sweden.
See the paragraph “in one case of a hundred” & # 8212; report in the statement relevant information of the facts and do not worry.
(?) Here there is no answer to my question. What to do?
Ask him directly to the staff of the Visa Center, and if they can not answer it – the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow. It is in this sequence. You will be happy to help.
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