Where it is easiest, cheaper and better to emigrate from Ukraine: ways, countries, prices.

Where it is easiest, cheaper and better to emigrate from Ukraine: ways, countries, prices.
Taking advantage of the difficult situation with the Donbas, more and more Ukrainians want to get refugee status, not always realizing that, in fact, they have no grounds for this. However, following the results of last year, only a few of our fellow citizens were granted refugee status in Italy and Poland.
So most of the future emigrants choose time-tested ways to leave. The most common schemes, according to the director of the agency “Job West” Yuri Krivosheev: labor, business and investment (including purchase of real estate) migration.
At the same time, the expert warns: the migration situation in the world has changed markedly. The dominance of Syrian and Afghan refugees in Europe has forced to rethink the laws of hospitality practically all developed countries of the world. Therefore, the recipes of the “guaranteed exit” that were mass-produced in the media, which worked really 2-3 years ago, can be considered absolutely useless today.
Labor migration from Ukraine.
The most inexpensive and comfortable way of emigration from Ukraine to Europe is legal labor migration, writes UBR.ua.
But not all Ukrainians can count on an invitation from employers. “Finding a good job is real for those who are in demand among us: for whom hunters are hunted, who are ransomed by competitors.” It does not matter which industry is specialized: mediocre cadres are not needed there, “the expert says. Professional industries, representatives of which are especially needed by the EU – IT-shniki, doctors, scientists, engineers. “Economists have already dropped out of this list,” Kozak said.
Yuri Krivosheev adds that our doctors, but with the perfect knowledge of German, are well received in Germany, offering salaries of 2-3 thousand euros a month. Czech Republic, and, approximately the same money, allows you to get a job with doctors who speak English, and sometimes there will be enough Russian to start. German companies are now actively considering the candidatures of our petrochemists.
For those who can not offer European employers special skills and knowledge, there are working specialties. According to Krivosheev, now in Eastern Europe, for example, Poland and the Czech Republic, there is a very large demand for Ukrainian builders, seasonal workers, welders, and seamstresses. After all, local workers have long worked in the wealthier western countries of the continent, which led to a record deficit of specialists.
The same Poles, considered to be the most loyal employers to Ukrainians, have already stated that from the beginning of 2017 they are ready to pay for their and Ukrainian workers. But, as Krivosheev says, in fact our specialists are already getting on par with local ones.
According to him, the average salary, which our workers can claim is about 1000 �. Seamstresses receive less (about 800), and builders – more (up to 1500).
Not so long ago, the Baltic employers became more active, and they also faced the problem of personnel hunger. “They are looking for builders for 1000 euros, truckers for 1500 euros,” – says Krivosheev.
The agreement on temporary employment of our fellow citizens in certain sectors of Ukraine has also recently signed with Israel. We are talking, in particular, about the builders. Labor migration makes it possible to earn extra money. To get a residence permit you need to try hard, to serve on European firms for more than one year, which is not always realistic.
Business Migration.
“It’s a minimum of 20-30 thousand euros for the start, and if you are aiming at creating a full-fledged and competitive company, you need to have at least 100,000,” says Elena Kozak, deputy director of the law firm Elionorum.
At the same time, tariffs for company registration for most European countries are low, starting from 100-200 �. But you need to keep accounting, recruit staff of local workers (from 2 people), show monthly turnover, develop business, investing.
According to Krivosheev, in the “cheap” Eastern Europe the monthly maintenance of even the smallest company costs 2-3 thousand euros, and for Western European countries the amount will be at least twice as large. But the owner of the business can expect a residence permit in 2-3 months.
Experts on emigration advise: it is best to open your business in the service sector (hairdresser, atelier, service station …), trade (bakeries, shops …), catering. But warn – the competition is off scale, so the risk is high to burn.
You can reduce it, say, by buying a successful local firm that has already taken its niche in the market. At the same time, you will have to spend at least 2-3 times more than building your own business from scratch.
Elena Kozak suggests, having registered a company in Europe, our compatriots can enjoy all the advantages of European support for entrepreneurship: for example, to take inexpensive loans.
Speaking about emigration from Ukraine, the expert adds: if it is a question of large investments – from 500 thousand euros – then it is possible to enjoy benefits everywhere, even if they are not fixed by separate legislative acts or programs. “Investors with 1-2 million will go to meet the power of any state,” she said.
This method is not always the best. “Having such money, you can invest them much more profitable, for example, to open your business,” Kozak adds.
Purchase of real estate for residence permit.
More recently, thinking about emigration from Ukraine, count on the Baltic residence permit could be, buying any, even the cheapest apartment. The cost then “unit” started there from 25-30 thousand euros: many Ukrainians managed to move for relatively little money. But last year was characterized by an increase in the financial threshold to 250,000, and in 2016 to 300,000. That is, to obtain a residence permit, you will already have to buy a cottage whose maintenance is not cheap.
Folded its loyalty programs for real estate buyers also Bulgaria. Earlier, the owner of the apartment received a residence permit, and now he is not always given a long-term visa, experts say. Among the countries that welcome home buyers from Ukraine, Elena Kozak was able to name only Belize.
Earlier, “Vesti” wrote about where Ukrainians can get a job for the season and how much they pay for their work in Mezhgorye. The most active set of seasonal workers started in the western regions of the country; while specialists analyzed the level of salaries in our country.
We also reported on which countries the Ukrainians are ready to leave for work. More often than not, IT specialists and media representatives are thinking about labor emigration, lawyers, bank employees and insurance specialists are the least likely.
At the same time, the abolition of visas will not give Ukrainians the right to work in the EU. European Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said that the visa-free regime is aimed at strengthening social and cultural ties between Ukraine and the EU.
Recall, the economist and HR-specialist gave advice to entrants, who to study to become a specialist with a high salary in the publication “Labor market: The most demanded profession of the future.”