Work in Cyprus.

Work in Cyprus.
Work in Cyprus & ndash; A great opportunity for those who want to spend their summer time with benefit. Perhaps, of course, and not only summer, but more often our compatriots go there to work in season – & ndash; approximately from May to September-October. The thirst for sun and heat translates into the fact that more and more employment agencies are engaged in this direction. To contact them or not & ndash; the matter is purely personal. Many helped them, many found work themselves, without paying for the services of intermediaries. Finding yourself can be problematic if you do not speak the language. On the other hand, you can not work at all without even knowing English, even if you find a job company.
Since Cyprus is part of the European Union, there is the same attitude to employment issues as it is in all other countries of this association. & Ndash; the employer must explain to the authorities that you need him, that in addition to you there are no such employees in the whole of Europe. And it’s not easy to explain in words, but also to give proof. Therefore it is logical that either you go to the season when the country needs workers, or your knowledge is so unique that you will be invited to work permanently.
Whom they take to work in Cyprus.
This is mainly seasonal work in the service sector. Season & ndash; this period of time from April-May to early autumn – September-October. Wanted waiters, cooks, cook assistants, hotel managers & ndash; all who are connected with the tourist business and service.
How to pay in Cyprus.
Salaries in Cyprus are quite different, based on the specialization, qualifications and experience of the candidate for a particular position.
the opportunity to combine work in Cyprus with rest & ndash; do not expect that you will rest as tourists, but still the sea will be near and you will be able to tan; invaluable work experience and life in another country & ndash; language improvement, professional development, recommendations & ndash; an important point, they can be presented to a new employer in any country in the world and they will increase your chances of finding a job; decent working conditions & ndash; Many note that, despite the sometimes excessive emotionality of the Cypriots, it is rather pleasant to work with them; and, of course, the opportunity to earn. Many employers pay for the accommodation and meals of employees (which is discussed in advance) and if you are not a fan of weekly shopping, then you will have to spend money solely on trivialities.
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